Kissed by a turtle

Margit MayRa Fuchs 2014
I am on a pristine, beautiful beach in beloved Hawai’i……. just relaxing, soaking up the sunshine.
Then finally I decide to go for a swim and right there in the shallow waters I see a turtle so close to all the people, she seems so content and happy to play in the waves.
She comes very close to a Hawaiian woman who brought her children to the beach and they just touch her and pet her – something I would never dare to do and which is an unwritten rule here that we do NOT touch any wildlife. So I am a little shocked seeing that, yet I also have to admit that the turtle doesn’t seem to mind at all but even keeps hanging out there in their proximity, knowing that she will be touched again.
So I put my gear on to see her in the water and there she comes, swimming right towards me….she comes so close that it is almost impossible not to touch her with my body but still, out of respect, I keep avoiding it and I back off whenever she comes close. Yet she is the one who seeks out to be close to me.
I just float with her in the gentle waves so close to shore and we just hang out together.
She doesn’t mind me being there at all but keeps coming back to me, so I very very gently just touch her with just one finger.  To my surprise she likes it, no sign of fear and no sign that she would attempt to swim away. Very unusual behavior.
So I stay with her and she stays with me.
And we look deeply, very deeply into each others eyes. Her eyes are so full of love and wisdom and gentleness that there is nothing but love and respect and care for her in my being and she seems to have the same feelings to offer to me.

Then she swims in front of me and now something really unbelievable happens that I have never experienced before, nor seen, nor ever heard of.
She turns around and swims right towards me. I open my arms and she swims right into me, right towards my face and comes right up to me. We are face to face, eye to eye, mouth to mouth! Yes, literally, I have been kissed by a turtle!
It is hard to believe.
Then I loose sight of her for a while due to the sand swirling around in the water so I cannot see her, so I get back to shore and see her from shore again.

I decide to get back in the water and the same thing happens again. As soon as I put my mask and snorkel on and she sees me in the water once again, she swims towards me, once again right into me and she kisses me – again!!!
So today I have been kissed by a turtle twice!
It is utterly unbelievable and such unusual behavior.
So I keep hanging out with her, we float together in the rhythm of sweet rocking, gentle waves. Almost no movement is needed or any movements with my fins to go anywhere. We just surrender to the gentle rocking of the healing waters.
We keep staying together and she leads me further away from all the people, a little further out into the deep and suddenly I see a guy with a harpoon. He is fiddling with it and doesn’t even see what’s underneath him. He does not see the turtle yet he is ready to shoot his harpoon.
So I swim towards him, with my very mallow and gentle energy and carefully and ever so slightly touch him on his arm to get his attention. He does not react at all. So I do it again, no reaction whatsoever although I touch him. I just want to tell him to watch out with his harpoon because there is a turtle right in front of him but he seems to not even notice my touch which is very odd.
So I swim in front of him so that he finally can see me. I observe him being surprised because he obviously did not feel my presence before. How is this possible? I touched him twice.
How much insensitivity is there that he doesn’t even feel my touch.
So when he finally acknowledges my presence I tell him to please watch out for the turtle and I ask him if he saw it. He is totally annoyed with me about asking such a question and not letting him just go about his business. I stay close to him and watch him using his harpoon to get some fish which he doesn’t get but coral is destroyed. Oh boy! hard to even watch this!
So what is shown to me here is utter polarity.
On one hand the gentleness and love of the turtle and my love for her and on the other hand the utter disconnect (that even touch is not felt anymore, coral is destroyed etc.).
I stay around this guy for a while, keep my respectful distance yet watch what he is doing, because I feel that I need to protect the turtle from this guy.

My turtle friend dives down and hides under a rock. I feel, that for today, this is the end of our sweet and amazing encounter.
The rock does not hide her well so I ask for her protection. I stay with her for a little longer, express my deep love and gratitude to her and then swim back.

On the beach I feel I need to integrate what just happened so I take some moments to be still. As soon as I allow myself to do that an ocean of tears flows down my cheeks, I am so deeply deeply touched by this experience with the turtle.
There is so much love in the ocean, such enormous love.
I feel my connection to her, to the Earth – the great mother and my heart opens with love yet also with sadness of what has been done to these wise and gentle beings and how humans have destroyed their habitat, taken their lives, eaten them, killed them and were unable to see and feel their enormous love and peaceful presence.

I feel so sorry what humanity has done, to them and to the Earth.

turtle diving

Maybe there is a message in there for me too which is to allow myself to receive love too, on a much deeper level…surrendering to love and just knowing, feeling and experiencing it and feeling our inter-connectedness. How we really are all so connected and how wild life probably never forgot about our connection and oneness, only humans did and now it is time to return, to return home – home to our love in our hearts, our connection, oneness, respect and to humbly meet these conscious beings that have never fell out of grace and learn from them – simply by being with them, humbly being with them, still……allowing their being to simply touch us and transform and heal our hearts.


How simple, how beautiful and how amazing. What a blessing.

Yes I will speak up for them, protect them and honor them always.
I bow in gratitude.

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